Save My Face Reviews – Is It Worth The Money?

Save My Face Pillow

$25 - $100










  • Lessens Sleep Wrinkles
  • Cheaper Version Available
  • Two Size Options
  • Silk, Satin or Cotton
  • Great For Travel


  • It's Small
  • It Can Flatten Quickly
  • Cheap Option Has No Cover
  • Cheap Option Only Available In USA
  • Pillowcases Can Be Slippery

The Save My Face Pillow was the first patented anti-aging pillow on the market, designed and launched by Linda May-Randell back in 1999. It continues to be one of the most popular face-saving pillows on the market today, earning its Trademarked Design status. Check out these Save My Face reviews to see if they live up to the hype.

Linda May-Randell is President and CEO of Save My Face, Inc. She originally trained and worked as a Ballet & Production Broadway dancer/singer, before getting her formal training in Business Management and Sales and Marketing. As a devoted Christian she runs her business in accordance with bible principles.


“Save My Face!”® Pillow


your face over the sleep surface

allowing you to rest comfortably,

removing harmful pressure on

facial tissues and muscles.

Le Grand

The What & The Why

Sleep wrinkles, you know the ones. You wake up looking like someone’s been etching on your face during the night, and the older you get, the longer they take to disappear. If you don’t want them to become a permanent feature you need to rethink the way you sleep.

Save My Face is the original pillow to help you avoid those dreaded sleep wrinkles. If you are a side sleeper its unique shape will keep your face gently suspended over your sleep surface rather than being squished into it. It’s the squishing of the skin, for hours every night, that creates those nasty lines.

The Save My Face pillow comes in two sizes – La Petite and Le Grand.

La Petite is a pillowette, intended to be used on top of your normal pillow to stop your face pushing down into it. It measures 19″ x 10″ x 3″ or 48cm x 25cm x 8cm.

The Le Grand is a standalone pillow. It is large enough to be used without another pillow. It measures 22″ x 5″ x 15″ or 56cm x 13cm x 38cm.

Of course, if you like to have your head a bit higher you can use the Le Grand and the La Petite together.

The company also provide a more economical version – Just The Pillow. This pillow is basically the same as the La Petite but it doesn’t have a removable pillowcase like the other versions do. It does have a satin finish though, and the entire pillow can be machine washed and dried. You can always buy the La Petite pillow cases if you want to use a case, they will fit it.

How To Use The Save My Face Pillow

If you’re like most people you probably sleep on your side. The Save My Face pillow has a cut-out on each side so that most of your face is actually suspended, rather than pressed against the pillow. The two prong-like parts that stick out are there to support your forehead and jaw, leaving the eye and cheek area free of the pillow.

The pillow can also be used to encourage you to sleep on your back, the best position for avoiding the creation of new wrinkles. You can place the middle section of the pillow against the back of your neck if you like to have your head lower, or you simply fold the pillow in half and put your neck into the cut-out section like you would with a travel pillow. This gives great support if you want to sleep on your back or if you are sleeping sitting up.

The Good

The absolute best way to avoid sleep wrinkles is to sleep on your back, but it’s not the most comfortable position for most and some people just can’t fall asleep that way. The next best thing you can do to avoid sleep wrinkles is to use a pillow that supports your face in the right places, and stops your delicate skin from smushing against your pillow.

Save My Face Pillows have a unique shape that supports side sleepers by suspending the face above the pillow. It has a cut-out on both sides so you can roll over during the night and not have to worry about moving your pillow. Unlike the Beauty Bear which only has a cut-out on one side, meaning if you want to switch sides during the night you need to flip your pillow.

The cut-outs are wonderful if you use lash extensions. Your lashes lay within the crescent shape, so they won’t be pushing into the pillow and getting ruined.

You might be surprised at how much more impact your night creams are having on your skin. You’d be amazed how much of your night cream gets rubbed off onto your regular pillow. Having your face suspended means your expensive creams have a chance to be absorbed by your skin.

The silk and satin pillowcases are an extra weapon in the fight against wrinkles. They reduce friction against your skin and are also great for your hair. You won’t wake up with bed head if you sleep on a silk or satin pillow case.

Just The Pillow and La Petite are excellent travel pillows. They are small, light and easy to take away with you. They fold in half and are very comfortable to use while sitting up, such as on a long flight or a train journey. There is even a version of the Just The Pillow available that has express loops which keep the folded pillow in position.

Some people say that this pillow has helped them with neck and back pain. It’s difficult to say with any certainty if it helps alleviate pain as we are all different and have different neck and back issues, but the neck support it offers does help to keep the spine in a neutral position.

The outer shell of the pillow body is made from 100% cotton and each pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic synthetic filling. Pillowcases are available in 100% cotton, satin, or silk, and they come with a YKK invisible zipper. All the pillows and pillow cases from Save My Face are easy to care for. They are machine washable and dryer safe.

Save My Face also produce a medical line, including disposable pillows for post-op patients, and a pillow specifically for people who suffer from night sweats (perfect if you’re at that age where hot flashes are an issue). The La Petite Breezes uses a fabric created for the athletics industry which wicks away moisture from the skin and drys quickly, just like modern athletic clothing.

*A study done of 28 postmenopausal women by Northeast Surgical Associates of Ohio, LTD evaluated the efficacy of Breezes™ to control night sweats and improve the quality of life.

The La Petite also works well if you suffer from sleep apnea and have to wear a mask at night. You can order the La Petite CPAP pillow which has an inner moisture guard to protect it.

The Bad

People have complained that the La Petite is too thin or too small. Even though it is supposed to be used on top of another pillow some people think it is still too thin to effectively elevate their face. Others say the Le Grand is too thick to be comfortable and that the cut-outs are too small to keep the eye and cheek area free from the pillow. These are opinions that are very personal to each individual so they can’t really be considered a problem with the product.

There have been issues of the pillow flattening out over time and with each wash. Linda addresses this problem in the video below. The video production leaves a lot to be desired but you have to remember that this pillow has been on the market for over 20 years so they were made quite a while ago. They cover the important information though.

Another complaint was that if you use the pillow folded a lot then a crease forms along the middle and it lacks support when used flat. I think the same advice as above can be applied here. It’s just a case of fluffing the pillow and pushing the filling around a bit.

The satin and silk pillowcases are quite slippery and tend to slide off of other pillows, meaning that you have to reposition the pillow quite frequently if you move around a lot in your sleep.

It’s quite expensive for what it is. People have complained that it is small and flimsy and not worth the money.

Just The Pillow, Le Grand, or La Petite?

The cheapest version is the Just The Pillow. It’s the same size as the La Petite but doesn’t have a removable pillow case. The problem with this is that you will have to regularly wash the entire pillow and that could cause it to deteriorate faster, leaving it flat. Although it’s a great size for travel it will be less hygienic as the cover can’t be removed.

La Petite is great for using on top of another pillow and has a removable pillowcase which can be washed regularly, without needing to wash the entire pillow. That makes it perfect for using on transport and in hotels. You can change the look of your pillow by changing the pillowcase. Satin and silk ones do tend to be slippery, but they are better for skin and hair.

The Le Grand can be used on its own or with the La Petite. It’s a thick, substantial pillow but the crescent curt-outs are smaller than on the La Petite and some say that there isn’t enough room to suspend the face there.

La Petite


Save My Face Reviews – Are They Worth The Money?

This is a difficult question to answer as opinions seem to be quite varied. In general, most people have been happy with the pillow. Over 70% of buyers on Amazon have given the Save My Face Pillows a 4 or 5 star review.

The age of the company also goes in its favor. This product has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular face-saving pillows on the market. That being said, maybe it’s time for a little bit of an update. Many people have mentioned that they’d be happier if the pillow was available in memory foam. That’d be a nice option to have and would fix a few of the problems such as it being too thin, too flimsy, and flattening out too quickly.

The cheapest version only seems to be available in the US. Just The Pillow is more expensive on Amazon and doesn’t seem to be available at all on the English website. However, Save My Face Pillows are still some of the cheapest anti-aging pillows around today. They are not a quick-fix solution, they are something that is intended for use every night, for the rest of your life. When you look at things that way I think it’s safe to say that they are worth the money.

What’s your experience of the Save My Face Pillow? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.




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