How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions So You Don’t Wake Up Without Them

How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions So You Don’t Wake Up Without Them

How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions 

You’ve just paid out quite a bit of money for eyelash extensions. And you look like a million dollars. But without proper maintenance, those thick, luscious lashes aren’t going to last very long. The way you sleep will probably be the first thing that affects the condition of your lashes. Laying with your face smushed into a pillow isn’t going to do them a lot of good. Read on to find out how to sleep with eyelash extensions.

To avoid damage, the best way to sleep with eyelash extensions is on your back. Invest in a pillow that encourages back sleep, or tilts your face up, away from the pillow. Use a silk pillowcase so that your lashes glide across the surface, rather than snag as they do on cotton. A lash-protecting sleep mask will also work to stop the lashes from being compressed.

Considering how you sleep, what you sleep on, and your cleansing routine before bed will all help towards keeping your eyelash extensions in tip-top condition. Follow these tips and your lashes will stay fuller and lusher for longer.

How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions When Sleeping – Sleep On Your Back

The best way to protect your eyelash extensions is to sleep on your back. It’s actually the healthiest position for most people to sleep in. You can read more about the benefits of sleeping on your back here.

One of the things that causes the most damage to eyelash extensions is pressing them into a pillow. By sleeping on your back your face will be pointed up, or at least only slightly to the side, so your lashes will be kept away from the pillow. Sleeping on your back also decreases sleep wrinkles on your face and chest.


Many people find it difficult to fall asleep on their backs, though. If you’re having trouble, try propping yourself up with more pillows to support your neck and shoulders. Or, if you prefer to lay flatter, position your head in the centre of your pillow and try to fluff it up at the base and the sides so that it is supporting your neck and the sides of your head. You’ll have less motion so be less tempted to roll over onto your side. There are certain pillows that are designed to help you sleep on your back, such as the enVy Pillow.

You could also try using a pillow underneath your knees to help lessen the curve of your spine. Or rest one knee out to the side, making of figure 4 with your legs. Pillows along either side of your body will help keep you on your back and hopefully make it easier for you to fall asleep in this position. If you can stick with it long enough to get used to it, your lashes and your face will thank you.

How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions – Choose The Right Pillow

If sleeping on your back isn’t an option and you have to sleep on your side there is a certain type of pillow that will help you avoid crushing your lashes. Pillows that are specifically designed to stop you from getting sleep wrinkles will also keep the pressure off your lashes.

The Beauty Bear, by Nurse Jackie, and the Save My Face pillow both feature a cut-out design. They are built to support the forehead and jawline, whilst keeping the eye and cheek area suspended freely over the bed. This cut-out stops the delicate skin around your eyes, and your delicate lashes, from being crushed into the pillow.

Although they are perfect for side sleepers, they can also be used to encourage back sleeping, which is a great perk. As is the avoidance and correction of sleep wrinkles. Every girl should own one of these types of pillows. Once you’ve tried one you won’t want to switch back to a normal pillow.

A Silk Pillowcase Is A Must

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is one of the simplest things you can do to keep from ruining your lashes. It’s actually one of the simplest things you can do for your overall beauty. Silk is a natural thermo-regulator, so you won’t be flipping the pillow over in the middle of the night looking for the cool side. It’s also as soft as air, helping you to get the best quality beauty sleep you can.


These aren’t the only benefits, though. The smooth fibers of silk, particularly mulberry silk, won’t snag your skin or eyelashes the way cotton does. Your lashes will literally glide over the pillowcase, and less snagging means less shedding. It also means fewer sleep wrinkles so you’ll wake up looking better than you have in years. There are many types of silk out there, but Mulberry silk is considered the best for pillowcases.

Silk is hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and dust mites. If you suffer from acne, a silk pillowcase can help. It wicks away dirt and grease that cotton pillowcases seem to harbor.

Silk also has amazing benefits for hair. If you usually wake up looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards then you’ll be pleasantly surprised after your first night using a silk pillowcase. Silk doesn’t draw moisture out of your skin and hair so you’ll wake up with smooth, shiny locks, soft, hydrated skin, and lush lashes. Check out Beauty Sleep 101’s Shop for the best silk pillowcases.

How To Keep Eyelashes From Falling Out – Use A Sleep Mask

A sleep mask can be a good way to protect your lashes, as long as it’s the right kind. Domed masks, where the eye socket covering is bevelled out, are the perfect choice for wearing with lash extensions. The part that covers the eye never comes into contact with the delicate skin around the eyes or the eyelashes.

Get one that’s made out of Mulberry silk and you’re onto a winner. This type of sleep mask will not only protect your lashes but will also block out the light so you get the best quality sleep you can. And the better you sleep, the more beautiful you’ll look. Yes, beauty sleep really is a thing.

Cleanse Like A Pro

You probably don’t use half as much make-up as you would if you didn’t have extensions but you’ll still need to cleanse at the end of the day. Avoid oil-based products as the oil can actually dissolve the lash glue. You’re better off using water-based products with a gentle hand.

Can I Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

Do try to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after having them done. After that, you can shower as usual and the water won’t do any damage. Just be careful when drying your face. Don’t rub with a towel, just pat gently.





Your lashes look fabulous and cost a pretty penny, too. If you learn how to sleep without damaging your eyelash extensions, and follow our tips with a little extra care and attention, you can keep them looking their best for a whole lot longer.



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